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If your monitoring and evaluation processes rouse more questions than answers, you need StoryTeller – born to empower socially-focused organisations to streamline siloed systems and tell their stories with confidence and conviction. Cut time spent on monitoring and evaluation in half while unlocking access to real-time information – contact us now.

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What is StoryTeller?

No two socially-focused organisations are the same, and yours is no exception. That’s why we built StoryTeller, compiling the collective feedback of numerous non-profit teams to create the building blocks you need to deliver your impact.

With a purpose-driven monitoring and evaluation platform at your fingertips, you can effortlessly meet your programme goals with real-time monitoring and evaluation data at a glance via one admin dashboard.

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How Does StoryTeller Work?

When we drive a car, we don’t consciously give much thought to the inner-workings of the machine in front of us. But under the hood are countless functional components that work in harmony to get you from A to B.

StoryTeller is no different. From data collection to user access controls to advanced analysis, your bespoke StoryTeller Engine is customised and configured flawlessly – keeping the wheels turning so you can focus on results.

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Just as there are countless different car models on the market, no two StoryTeller Engines are the same. While they all share similarities in overarching functionality, each can be completely tailored to meet the needs of the person using it.

Whether you’re talking about a car or StoryTeller Engine, the result is the same – a clean, efficient user interface that’s yours and yours only.

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How Much Does StoryTeller Cost?

While the price of a bespoke system of this nature will depend on the needs of the organisation, we are on a mission to make high-impact monitoring and evaluation tools as cost-effective as possible for non-profit teams. That’s why we’ve waived any licensing fees involved in using the StoryTeller code, dropping your total development costs by at least 50%.

We hope that you can reduce the operational expenses involved in monitoring and evaluation and, ultimately, make your story heard. With uninterrupted access to such high-quality, intuitive data, anything is possible.

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