Storyteller provides a platform for socially focused organisations to tell their story with confidence. It was developed to address frustrating, time-intensive monitoring and evaluation processes, poor access to real-time information and clunky disconnected systems which make it difficult to see programme results.

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What is StoryTeller?

We understand that the mission and activities of every socially-focused organisation is unique. StoryTeller has been developed with input from a number of not-for-profit organisations and provides the building blocks to develop a fit-for-purpose monitoring and evaluation platform tailored specifically to the impact your organisation delivers.

Your StoryTeller Solution will be designed to meet the needs of your programme. This is a conceptual design of a dashboard showing real-time monitoring and evaluation information.

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How does it work?

The StoryTeller Platform is composed of different functional components. Much like parts of a car,each component adds additional features to the system e.g. data collection, user access controls, data analysis.

The StoryTeller blocks get customised and configured in a unique way to suit the needs of your organisation. The end result is your own bespoke “StoryTeller engine”.

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How does it work?

Much like a custom car, each StoryTeller engine shares some similarities in functionality, but make no mistake, it’s a completely bespoke tool. The final step is a clean, effective user interface built to your requirements.

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How much does it cost?

Our goal is to make highly-impactful monitoring and evaluation tools that are as cost-effective as possible for a socially impactful organisation. Because the tools are custom built the cost will vary depending on the needs of your organisation.

To support you and your mission, there is currently no licensing fees for the use of storyteller code that is used in the development. By using StoryTeller, you can expect your total development costs to be reduced by at least 50%.

We hope that every StoryTeller implementation has a net positive effect on the cash flow of an organisation by reducing the operational cost of your monitoring and evaluation process and helping you to tell the story of your impact through high-quality, easy to access data that you have confidence in.

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